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New Z3 Tablet Stand - The future of stands, today

The new Z3 is a tablet stand unlike any other on the market. It gives you the freedom to work anywhere hands free but now comes with security features and future proofing. It has:

Portability - it folds to a flat pack in three simple moves with no knobs and no finger traps.

Height - it is fully adjustable so you can use it while lying down, standing or sitting.

Tilt - a special joint means that you can look at it from any position, and it’s cradle turns through 360 degrees.

Future proofing - the cradle features interchangeable arms which enable any design of tablet - present and future - to be fitted.

Security – options include an integral lock and a floor bracket.

Quality – anodized aluminium construction gives light weight and great strength.

Convenience – a single knob secures or releases the tablet.

Finally it folds into a neat bag and is light and easy to carry.


Diecast aluminium legs with super-tough scratch resistant epoxy coating give enormous strength with low weight. Rubber feet preserve your floor and prevent clatter if the stand is knocked.

The anodized aluminium stem is very strong, rigid and light. This stand doesn't sway, and yet can be adjusted smoothly and easily.

The Z3 stand can be unfolded with its base reversed if required.

The stand is fitted with interchangeable arms so when you change your tablet, it will not matter what size it is.

The stand has a high quality lock with key. So while you are away your tablet will be safe.

For further security, a floor bracket is available.






Technical specifications

  • Height adjustable between 36 and 114cm (16” to 54”) from floor to bottom of tablet.

  • Weight of stand 2.1 kg.
  • Size when folded: 51 x 38 x 6.5cm (20" x 15" x 2 1/2").

Product codes:
Z3 Black with Lock – 201Q31B
Z3 Silver with Lock – 201Q31S
Z3 Black NO Lock – 201Q33B
Z3 Silver NO Lock – 201Q33S
Floor Bracket – 201Q21
Interchangeable Arms – 201Q40 – 201Q49

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