Conductors need pampering too!

Having recently delivered our most prestigious stand to a scenic new home in Norway, we were inquisitive to see how the Opera Nordfjord was warming to their new purchase:

‘We were eagerly awaiting the arrival of The Grand Opera Conducting Stand after two years of collecting the necessary funds, and at first I was a little disappointed that it hadn’t arrived in time for the world premiere performance of a new Norwegian comic opera that our company was producing. The score was very large format but the notes were extremely small and difficult to read easily.

One evening, during the run, I entered the orchestra pit and to my great surprise and delight I beheld your incredible technical wonder sitting in front of my podium!

I slowly positioned myself behind the stand. I noticed something that looked like a game console controller on the right hand side. It was very intuitive to use and I played with it for a few minutes until I had the achieved the perfect positioning of the stand.

And then came the moment of revelation. When I placed the large score, (which fit beautifully,) under the more than abundant and incredibly clear lighting I was able, for the first time,  to easily read everything at a glance and felt a lot less stress at that performance.

Thanks for this fine product. It makes a demanding job a lot easier. Conductors need pampering too!’

Michael Pavelich, Artistic and Musical Director of Opera Nordfjord, Norway.




R.A.T. Stands make Radio DMX child’s play

London, UK – 14 August 2010

Following the launch earlier this year of their radio controlled LED lights, R.A.T. (Music Stands) Ltd is proud to extend its suite of radio controlled accessories. Responding to customer demand, and after identifying further unmet needs in the market, the company has developed two new components to add to its RAT Radio System portfolio.

The Radio Controlled Power Pack consists of a radio controlled socket and a rechargeable battery, enabling completely wireless control over any 24V appliance plugged into the socket. Other voltage outputs are available to order.

The Radio DMX Bridge Receiver eliminates the need for DMX cables when controlling any DMX enabled device. The transmitter and receiver form a wireless bridge between any wired DMX outlet and the DMX input to the device. The only requirement at the device is a mains socket or a battery to power the device itself.

The two new additions enable the RAT Radio system to be used in a variety of ways both inside and outdoors. The system combines simplicity, convenience and safety whilst remaining affordable. Sean Mallinson, Marketing Manager said ‘The new system components would be equally useful within professional theatres and smaller production environments such as school plays. A child could set up this equipment.’ He further adds, ‘The Bridge Receiver is compatible with any device with a DMX input, and its potential uses therefore extend as far as the users’ imagination takes them.’

R.A.T. Stands will be at the PLASA 2010 trade show, demonstrating and showcasing its product range from 12th – 15th of September 2010. All products and further information are available on the Radio DMX page.




Radio DMX Ratstands Eat Spaghetti

London, UK – 14 May 2010

RAT Music Stands introduce a new range of professional battery powered LEDlights with optional radio control.

“The new radio control receiver is an integral part of the very slim lamp housing”, said Andrew Michell, Managing Director of  R.A.T. Music Stands, “and in conjunction with rechargeable batteries this system enables the total elimination of cables that would otherwise present an ugly mess on the floor”.

In response to customer demand the new system enables every stand to have its own DMX address, so that in a situation where different combinations of musicians are required for different parts of the performance, each stand can be separately controlled.

The transmitter has built in rechargeable batteries and a local control mode which enables it to be used completely autonomously. As Keith Hogben, Sales Manager at R.A.T., points out, “in local mode, you can just plonk a group of stands in the aisles or the middle of a field and control them wirelessly without having to plug in a single thing”.

The new LEDlights have a housing as thin as a finger, and yet give sharper control of stray light than any previous R.A.T. light. A wide range of power sources is available including a choice of NiMH batteries giving 5 or 9 hours use at full power, and much longer if dimmed.




Mains voltage LEDlight is plug compatible with older RATstands Lights

London, UK – 14 May 2010

RAT Music Stands introduce a mains voltage LEDlight which needs no separate power supply, and can therefore be plugged straight into the mains.

“An enormous number of venues around the world are still using lights we made literally decades ago using candle or golf ball bulbs” says Keith Hogben, Sales Manager at R.A.T. “The new mains voltage LEDlight enables them to get into the twenty first century by upgrading those old lights to the very latest technology”.

The new light uses warm white LEDs which operate in the only part of the spectrum that professional musicians will tolerate. They give very bright and very even illumination of the score, and the sharpest cut-off of any light on the market.

“Our customers face a constant battle between the musicians and the lighting designer” says Andrew Michell, Managing Director of RAT Music Stands. “The musos always want more light, but the lighting designers want to minimise the light pollution coming from the pit. The LEDlight gives them the best of both worlds – lots of light, but very very little spillage”.

The mains voltage LEDlight can be dimmed by all known types of dimmer.




Metropolitan Opera choose the new RATstand

London, UK – 14 May 2010

30 years after the launch of the original RATstand the Metropolitan Opera Company of New York have selected a new version to replace their existing fleet of stands.

The Grand Opera Stand stand has been developed in close cooperation with Santa Fe Opera specifically to meet the needs of the US market. It shares a family resemblance to its older brother but is broader, taller, heavier and has a solid tray. It also has the largest range of height adjustment of any stand on the market.

The stand is available with any of R.A.T.’s lamps but both customers have chosen the new mains voltage LEDlight which can be plugged straight into the mains supply without the need for any special power supply. The new light uses warm white LEDs which operate in the only part of the spectrum that professional musicians will tolerate. They give very bright and even illumination of the score, and the sharpest cut-off of any light on the market.

"The US opera houses wanted a really heavy stand and one that would be virtually indestructible" says Steve Beeferman, US Director of Marketing for R.A.T. "The rugged construction, nylon coating  and ABS tray gave them all of that, but what they hadn't dreamt of was the quality of light they could get with the new design".

The mains voltage LEDlight can be dimmed by all known types of dimmer.






























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