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Concert Conductor's Stand

The Concert Conductor's stand is ideal for performances in lit venues, using all but the largest scores. Its design matches that of the Concert stand.

  • The tray has a double lip with a foam rubber lined area for pencils and batons.
  • The tray is formed in one piece from natural birch and lacquered to the colour of beech.
  • The stem is coated in tough scratch resistant epoxy, and the base is coated in nylon for ultimate durability.
  • The base is made from solid steel for extra stability.
  • A thumb screw positively locks the tray at the desired height.

Technical specifications

  • Tray size excluding pencil tray area 65cm wide x 45cm (25.5" x 17.5")
  • Height to mid point of tray adjustable from 84cm to 156cm (33" - 61")
  • Weight 6.0 kg (13 lb)

Product code: 60Q6P

The Conductor's Rostrum

The Stage3 conductor's podium measures 1m square, and can be set at any height by changing the legs. Skirts and handrails are optional. Click here for full details of the Stage3 system.

Jazz stand

The Jazz stand can be unfolded with its base pointing away from the user. It then makes a unique portable conductor's stand.

  • Epoxy coated, diecast aluminium legs. Anodised aluminium stem.
  • Black polymer tray
  • Height of tray adjustable between 40 and 120 cm (16" and 47") measured from the floor to the bottom of the music
  • Tray size 51 x 32 cm (20" x 12.5") excluding pencil shelf area Weight of stand 3.2 kg (7lb)
  • Size when folded: 51 x 38 x 5cm (20" x 15" x 2")

Product code: 69Q2


Opera Conductor's stand

The Opera conductor's stand has a tray large enough for the biggest opera score. Its elegant, minimalist design and very slim lamp ensure that the musicians get the best possible view of the conductor.
The lamp can be removed if not required. And its powerful light is carefully controlled to avoid dazzling the audience.
The whole stand is nylon coated for ultimate durability.

Technical specifications

  • Tray size 90cm wide x 50cm (35" x 19.5") deep
  • Available with Classic or wood tray
  • Height to mid point of tray adjustable from 81cm to 135cm (32"-53")
  • Weight without lamp 13 kg (29 lb) with lamp 16 kg (35 lb)

Product codes: Opera Conductor's stand, Classic tray 57Q1
Opera Conductor's stand, wood tray 57Q2
Double width LEDlight, mains voltage 73Q62
Double width LEDlight, 24V 73Q6

Grand Opera conductor's stand

This stand is designed for semi-permanent installation in the orchestra pit of large opera houses.

  • The tray width is adjustable
  • The lights are adjustable for height, reach and angle
  • The very slim LEDlights give the musicians an uninterrupted view of the conductor.
  • The extra lights at the sides of the tray give even and very bright illumination of the score. Light reflected off the white tray also helps to illuminate the maestro
  • Electric height adjustment puts control at the maestro's fingertips. A digital display shows the current height, and up to 6 heights can be stored in memory
  • In-built digital clock.
  • Articulated accessory tray for personal items
  • The base has wheels and adjustable feet to facilitate moving
  • Second shelf for storage of scores
  • Rubber lined recesses all round the main tray for pencils and batons.

Technical specifications

  • Weight approximately 80kg
  • Tray width adjustable from 66 to 90cm (26" to 35.4")
  • Tray depth 62cm (24.5")
  • Electric height adjustment from 111 to 179 cm (44" to 70")
  • Other height ranges to order
  • Design can be tailored to customer's specification

Product code: 84Q1


Grand opera conductor's rostrum

The Grand Opera conductor's rostrum is electrically controlled by a foot switch operated by the conductor. It has a non-slip platform surface and adjustable feet and castors to facilitate moving.


Technical specifications

  • Electric height adjustment from 73cm to 140cm (28.5" to 55")
  • Other height ranges to order
  • Platform area 99cm x 99cm (39" x 39")
  • Optional back rail available

Product code: Rostrum without rail 85Q1 Back rail 85Q2








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