Welcome to the Rshield Range

BioScreens and protective sneeze screens designed and manufactured in the UK to stop the spread of airborne bacteria and encourage social distancing. We are no stranger to protection screens as we have been manufacturing sound protection screens for over 40 years!


We Want to Help You!

Covid 19 has shown us how vulnerable we remain to future pandemics. It’s time we do something to protect ourselves and others. This doesn’t have to be scary or intimidating! The Rshield range is a creation from RATstands who have been making protective screens for orchestras and musicians for 44 years. We want to help you return back to your normal daily lives, whilst having the correct equipment to maintain a safe environment!

Sneeze Screens and Cough Guards will become a necessity as we move towards a new normal. New government guidelines suggest that protection screens will support social distancing measures and ensure safety in the post-pandemic workplace. Where the minimum distance cannot be ensured, our protective shields are there to help! The Rshield range can be easily adjusted to the layout of any space, and act as a friendly and safe barrier between people.

10% of Rshield profits will be donated to the NHS Charities Together (registered no 1186569).

RATstands expects to donate at least £4 per item to the charity.