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“Mozart makes you smarter”

“Mozart makes you smarter”

Well that’s what a 1990 study by Frances Raucher found at least.

So what do we actually know about how music affects students from a very young age to those in their 20’s in university?

One study identifies a strong relationship between sustained involvement in instrumental music across primary and high school and high level mathematical proficiency in college, particularly for students from the lowest income families.

Music programmes have often been found to increase student motivation for the rest of their working day due to it separating them from having to sit at a desk and read poetry anthologies or work out equations in algebra. It allows students to feel a sense of accomplishment when they become experienced with a musical instrument and with ensemble performances; and perhaps with gaining the people skills necessary to collaborate in a group performance.

So why are so many schools dropping the arts?

A lot of people feel that when it comes to music lessons within schools, students take advantage and use this time to mess around with friends due to the majority of a class not being able to play an instrument, or not having interest in the subject, causing the children that want to learn and those that have a passion for music to be distracted and not able to learn. It is also a subject that is dependent not entirely on how much effort you put in but also a certain level of skill.

The losses inflicted by cutting music from the curriculum will surely affect children from low-income families. Music tuition can be obtained privately by those who can afford lessons. But schools have proven themselves to be an effective and efficient way to cultivate musical skills for all children, at least for all children who wish to take advantage of the experience.

This is why RATstands are a partner for schools

Soon to be introducing the Tempo range, RATstands support and work with schools to ensure that music can be kept within curriculum by offering hassle free, cost effective equipment that is going to last a long time, making music lessons that little bit easier for everyone!