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The ABS Opera Conductor’s Stand

The ABS Opera Conductor’s Stand

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The Opera Conductor’s Stand with ABS tray is large enough for the biggest opera score.  Designed with the orchestra pit in mind, this stand has a warm touch, chip resistant black finish and has a solid tray formed from ABS plastic which doesn’t ring when knocked and gives the user the ability to make notes on the score.  Its elegant, minimalist design and very slim lamp ensure that the musicians get the best possible view of the conductor.  The light output is held at the perfect distance from the music tray and is carefully controlled so that it falls on the score and nowhere else. Our timeless original design allows the cable to be managed all the way down to the ground. The lamp can be removed if not required. And its powerful light is carefully controlled to avoid dazzling the audience.

Product Code:
– 57Q3
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Solid tray

The tray is made of ABS plastic which does not “ring” when knocked. It has smoothly rounded edges all over – safe to handle and kind to your environment.

Nylon coating

Super-tough black nylon coating makes the stand a pleasure to touch and, unlike other coatings, never chips.

Solid base

The solid base gives added stability. Rubber feet ensure 6-point contact on uneven surfaces whilst protecting your floor and preventing clatter.

Mounting socket

The special mounting socket enables the lamp to be easily removed in seconds.

Storage hooks

Storage hooks eliminate excess cable trailing around the floor.

Friction joints

Constant friction is maintained by powerful springs in the friction joints of the tray and lamp which means they stay automatically at whatever angle you place them – there are no knobs to fiddle with or lose, and they will never go slack.