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24V Double Trio Clip-on Light

24V Double Trio Clip-on Light

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  • 24V

Suitable for conductor’s stands and pianos.

The best lamp on any music stand anywhere! The Double Trio gives more light, of better quality and with greater control than any other music stand light on the planet. The Trio is the face of a complete music stand lighting system which provides every conceivable option for control and power delivery.


Product code:
– 73Q70

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Powerful Spring Clips

Our lights are available as Clip-on lights which are fitted with a powerful spring clip which enables the light to fit almost any make of stand.

High Quality LEDs

64 state of the art low voltage LEDs give exceptionally bright and even illumination over the entire score. LEDs are virtually indestructible and never wear out, so you will never again have to change a bulb in the middle of a performance.

Minimum Light Spillage

Very slim housing does not obstruct the musician’s view of the conductor. Precision light guides ensure excellent cut off of the light resulting in minimal light spillage.

Colour and Brightness Control

Colour temperature of the light can be varied between 2700K and 4000K. Brightness and colour temperature can be controlled by the musician (using the thumb wheels on the lamp), or by the lighting desk. Control by the lighting desk has priority over control by the musician.

Low Voltage

Reduced power consumption and consequent reduction in air conditioning load means using this light is environmentally friendly. Over the lifetime of the product lower electricity bills and the absence of bulb replacements costs will repay your initial investment. Runs off a 24V power supply for electrical safety.

Mains or Battery Powered

Can be powered by batteries, or by mains power using the appropriate PSU – see the Power Options tab at the top of the page. When powered by batteries, the light progressively warns the user when the battery is running low, giving plenty of time to change the battery without plunging the musician into darkness.

XLR Daisychaining

When powered by the PSU, lights can be connected to the PSU in a star configuration or in a daisychain.

Powerline Control

Control by the lighting desk can be by Powerline Control (when powered by our DMX PSU) or by the optional radio receiver (when powered by battery). Under Powerline Control, the optional Zone Control System enables lights to be assigned to 8 different groups each with its own DMX address for brightness.

Radio Control

With the optional Radio receiver, each light can be assigned its own unique DMX address for colour and brightness.

Cable Management

A coiled cable from the lamp to ground level enables the stand height to be adjusted without detaching the cable from its hook at the base of the stand.