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Power options

DMX-PSU – Apollo

The DMX-PSU connects to the mains supply by an IEC cable. An IEC outlet on each PSU enables multiple PSUs to be linked.

  • The DMX-PSU connects to the Apollo Light in a chain formation of up to 24 lights.
  • A cable connects to the DMX-PSU and then has 8 available sockets stemming from it where the lights are connected.


Apollo DMX-PSU -

Connect to the 24V supply – Apollo

If you already have a 24V power supply

  • The 24V Lights can be connected directly to a 24V DC supply.

Using a Plug top adaptor – Apollo

Using 24V lights but want to connect to the mains supply

  •  A low cost solution for small numbers of stands.
  • One adaptor is required for each light. Each adaptor plugs straight into the mains supply, and comes with 2m of cable terminating in a DC plug.
  • The plug top adaptor cannot be dimmed by dimming the mains supply.


Plug Top Mains Adaptor – Apollo -