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Power options

IEC Daisychain System

The IEC Daisychaining System connects adjacent stands using standard IEC extension cables. The IEC junction box locks rigidly to the base of the stem, and is easily removed when the stand is required without the light. The hook at the base of the stem of The Opera stand helps to tidy the cables, and locking IEC cables ensure that the plugs cannot be accidentally pulled out by tripping over the flex.

Product code: product code of light + IDS


IEC Daisychaining System -

Connect to the mains supply

  • All mains powered lights can be plugged directly into the mains sockets.
  • Brightness of the light can be controlled by dimming the mains supply just like a ordinary incandescent light.
  • Mains voltage Opera Lights are fitted as standard with coiled cable reaching to floor level, and another 3m of further straight cable terminating in a standard mains plug.