Laura Campbell

Melbourne, Australia

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Melbourne based clarinet player Laura Campbell is a freelance performer, woodwind teacher, and social media influencer. Laura completed her music studies under clarinetist David Griffiths, as well as performing in masterclasses for musicians including Sabine Meyer, Paul Meyer, and Frank Celata. While a clarinet enthusiast at heart, Laura’s passion as a woodwind doubler has led to opportunities performing in various musicals, including a recent tour to China performing Broadway hits with well-known performers including Brad Little and Diana Huey. When Laura isn’t busy teaching woodwind at various schools around Melbourne, she enjoys recording her musical journey on her Instagram page @laura_clarinetist. She frequently creates multi-track videos of pieces ranging from Billie Eilish and Queen to Eric Whitacre and Disney, as well as sharing photos and videos of her journey as a young musician. Laura’s Instagram has grown to over 25,000 followers and has led to a range of exciting opportunities with international artists and brands.

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