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The Bass Stool

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Perfect for percussionists and bassists RATstands Bass Stool is designed with the concept of comfort and posture. Built with a sturdy footrest the Stool comes in 4 varieties. Adjustable legs enable the height of the chair to be adjusted as well as an optional backrest for maximum comfort. The Bass Stool can also be stacked, removing excess floor space.

Part numbers:
Fixed legs: 302Q10B
Fixed legs with back: 302Q11B
Adjustable legs: 302Q20B
Adjustable legs, with back: 302Q21B

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Lumbar Support

The High Stool has the option of a back rest, providing support where it is needed without restricting the musician’s arms, shoulders and ribcage. The Stool also comes without a back for those who prefer to perch at the front of your seat.

Adjustable legs

Adjustable legs are given as a further option, having this option enables the seat and the legs to be altered independently without any difficulty. This allows the chair to stand level on a sloping floor such as a raked stage.


Base stool: Stackable
The stool can be stacked neatly out of the way on a flat floor surface , eliminating floor space and the need for a storage cart. A trolley and dolly is available to assist moving larger stacks of chairs.

Considered Design

The back of the chair provides support where it is needed, without damaging the conductor’s arms, shoulders or ribcage.