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The Conductors Chair

The Conductors Chair

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Our Conductor Chair is perfect for back support during concerts and practice sessions. The Chair also has a foot rest for additional comfort as well as many other adjustable options designed with your well-being in mind. The chairs stack on top of each other on a flat floor surface which means you save floor space when storing.

Product code:
Non-adjustable- 301Q4048
Seat adjustable angle- 301Q5048
Fully adjustable- 301Q6048

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Optimum seating position

The seat of the chair is designed to provide optimum seating positions and with the highest quality foam the chair provides maximum comfort and support for hours on end.

Adjustable legs

The height of the chair can be adjusted without any difficulty, having this option enables the seat and the legs to be altered independently. It also allows the chair to stand level on a sloping floor such as on a raked stage.

Adjustable seat

Another option is that the seat can be adjusted to your preference, a few clicks underneath your seat for those who would like to perch at the front of the seat or for those who like to lean against the chair in a less upright position.

Considered design

The back of the chair provides support where it is needed, without restricting the conductor’s arms, shoulders or ribcage.


On a flat floor surface, the chairs can be stacked on top of each other without the risk of them falling forward. Chairs with or without adjustable legs can be stacked on the same stack, there is no need for a storage cart but a trolley and dolly is available to assist in moving larger stacks of chairs.