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The Grand Opera Chair (digital)

The Grand Opera Chair (digital)

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Only RATstands could think of a way to bring Musicians chairs into the digital Era. For many year gas lift mechanisms have been a way of adjusting your sitting position on your chair but that just isn’t satisfactory. Now you can choose your own preference and find you perfect position every time, in seconds!

Digital Display

It is a new way of thinking. When you arrive at you chair you simply look down to you right hand side, reach down for the switches and your LED display will show you how far you are adjusting the chairs legs from 0, which is set at the standard RATstands Opera Chairs fixed position. No need to get on the floor or reach for any gas lift leavers.

Optimum seating position

The seat and back profiles are designed to provide the optimum seating position for musicians. The back provides support in the upper lumbar region encouraging an upright posture, whilst the horizontal seat with downturned front edge enables the musician to keep his feet flat on the floor. The highest quality foam provides
firm but comfortable support for hours on end.

Customisation Fabrics

The very sturdy chair frame is coated in textured epoxy. A vast range of fabric types and colours is available.


Opera chairs can be stacked in a near vertical stack, on a flat floor. No storage cart is required for this, but a trolley is available to
assist in moving large stacks of chairs. Different sizes and variants of the chair can be mixed in a stack.

Acoustic Baffle

The Acoustic Baffle sits securely on the back of The Opera Chair and can be removed easily, saving on excess floor space. The baffle gives the musician the best audio environment possible, diffusing high frequencies and preventing long term damage.