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The Grand Opera Chair (digital)

Only RATstands could think of a way to bring Musicians chairs into the digital Era. For many year gas lift mechanisms have been a way of adjusting your sitting position on your chair but that just isn’t satisfactory. Now you can choose your own preference and find you perfect position every time, in seconds!

Concert Chair

Optimised for use by musicians, the Concert Chair has been expertly designed to offer enhanced support and comfort for musicians, whilst encouraging good posture.

Assembly Chair (Folding)

The Assembly Chair has been expertly designed to offer enhanced support and comfort during performances or events.

The Conductors Chair

The Conductor Chair is perfect for supporting your lumbar region during concerts and practice sessions.

The Bass Stool

Our Bass Stool is exactly what your bassist or percussionist needs, designed with comfort and stability as well as 4 varieties for your preference.

The Acoustic Baffle For The Opera Chair

The Acoustic Baffle sits securely on the back of The Opera Chair and can be removed easily, saving on excess floor space. The baffle gives the musician the best audio environment possible, diffusing high frequencies and preventing long term damage.

The Opera Chair

A chair for professional musicians, giving excellent lumbar support and with adjustable seat angle. Optional adjustable legs enable the angle of the backrest and height of the chair to be adjusted as well. A near vertical stack and small stacking pitch enable the chair to be stacked on a flat floor without the need for a trolley.