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We all have to start somewhere

We all have to start somewhere

Schools need equipment that is virtually unbreakable so we created a range of music stands and staging especially for young performers.

We are education specialists and have over 40 years of experience supplying schools, colleges and universities.  Regardless of the challenges you face we can find a suitable solution no matter how large or small your school is whether that be budget restraints, storage issues or complex technical set-ups.

Products for education

The Z3 Tablet Stand

The Z3, a tablet stand unlike any other. It’s light and easy to carry and folds up into a neat bag in just three simple steps.

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“Mozart makes you smarter”

Well that’s what a 1990 study by Frances Raucher found at least. So what do we actually know about how music affects students from a very young age to those in their 20’s in university? One study identifies a strong relationship between sustained involvement in instrumental music across primary and high school and high level […]


The most important part of learning to play music

When thinking about learning to play music there are numerous elements that spring to mind; What instrument will you play? What brand will you go for? Will you teach yourself or get a teacher? How much money do you have to spend? These are all good points but the main one is missing, what music stand […]