Introducing the BioScreen Mini

RATstands Announce: New BioScreen Mini Protection Screen to Prevent the Spread of Germs in Any Environment

In efforts to assist with the ongoing Covid 19 Crisis, RATstands have developed a new product within their Rshield range: The BioScreen Mini. This sneeze screen has been designed as an affordable solution to support businesses in maintaining social distancing, and to act as a physical barrier to prevent the spread of airborne droplets.

Agnes Starr, RATstands’ Global Distributor Manager said “Adding the BioScreen Mini to the Rshield Range has allowed us to have a protection product available for any business, in any industry. The BioScreen Mini has been developed from our TEMPO range Performer 3 stand and is smaller and lighter than our original BioScreens. This makes it perfect for protective use in schools, theatres, orchestras, and any other environment that has the need for a high quality, robust, but affordable protection shield.”

The company’s Chairman and Design Director, Andrew Michell added “All products in the Rshield Range have been carefully designed to be future proof, even after the Covid 19 pandemic. The BioScreen Mini can be repurposed as a music stand, by an interchangeable tray which allows for this to be the ideal protective screen for the events, and education market. This protection screen boasts the high quality of RATstands’ designs, whilst being a cost-effective option to competitor shields.”

Flying the flag for British manufacturing, RATstands’ Rshield range is designed and made in their London and Essex based facilities.

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