New Operations Manager Worldwide

RATstands appoints a New Operations Manager Worldwide


RATstands has announced that its new Operations Manager for RATstands Worldwide is Emily Bills, the company’s talented Sales co-coordinator.

Emily, who has been with the company for three years has continued to excel in her role, so much so that this new position is a natural stage in Emily’s progression within the company.

Emily said: “I am really pleased I have been given this opportunity, and the chance to move up within RATstands to start to implement new processes and ideas to make the running of the business more streamlined, and ultimately deliver our customers the quality RATstands in known for in a systematic way.”

RATstands is committed to encouraging all members of its ever-expanding team to fulfil their full potential within the company, and are constantly putting steps in place for all of its employees to achieve their goals.

Glenn Chapman, Managing Director said: “When I released we needed more support and overview of our operations across the world, there really was only ever going to be one person in my mind to fill the position and that was Emily.”

“And with the incredible new Grand Opera Chair, the world’s only digital orchestra chair for musician’s, now in full production, we needed an individual that was able to bring the Professional World and the Tempo Range of products for both education and retail together.”