New Product Launch – Grand Opera Chair (Digital)

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Digital chair for musicians 

Sit, Adjust & Play 

Having joined forces with UTAH Symphony in Salt Lake City, USA, in 2016 to create a digital musicians chair that excelled both aesthetically and in terms of functionality, RATstands has now announced that the launch of its Grand Opera Chair will be at the League of American Orchestras Conference in Nashville, in June 2019.

The result of collaboration between RATstands’ head designer, Andrew Michell, and the Utah Symphony, the launch of the Grand Opera Chair reinforces the brand’s commitment to serving the needs of some of most demanding orchestras, musicians and opera houses, across the world.

As one of the world’s leading music equipment designers, RATstands continues to push boundaries in order to launch new, innovative products through extensive research and development.


" We’ve got truly ground-breaking products being released all the time and I’m really looking forward to supporting the launch of the Grand Opera Chair "

Andrew Michell

Chairman & Design Director

One of the main advantages of the chair is that, once you’ve found the perfect position, you can simply remember your 3 number setting and easily find that position again. The chairs can also be stacked vertically, meaning they take up limited space.

Andrew Michell, RATstands’ head designer, said: “The Utah Symphony has been unbelievably patient and a valuable asset throughout the design process. It’s fair to say that without Chip Dance and the rest of his team, this world first would not have been possible!

If you would like to see the Grand Opera Chair ahead of its launch, please do not hesitate to get in