Introducing the RATstands Artists

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Amazing musicians choose RATstands.

Melbourne, Australia to California, USA


RATstands’ Music Endorsement Scheme is quickly establishing recognition across the globe, endorsing some truly world-class musicians in the first year of its Artists Programme.

The scheme has already seen RATstands endorse a wide calibre of artists including Gina Luciani California, an unbelievable flute player, and Lidia, a sensational cellist – both use the brand’s concert stands special stain. Laura Campbell, a well-known clarinet player and Liam Cromby, a London based guitarist and singer, are also part of the scheme and use the RATstand’s Jazz Stand.


" Our equipment is a part of a creative process. As for me, every single detail matters. "


RATstands Tempo Artist

It has always been RATstands expectation to grow a family of musicians that enjoy using our products and understand the soul of the RATstands design ethos, which is simply to produce the very best product in the world.