Joe Martone

Joe Martone is a professional percussionist and educator based in Los Angeles. He has been featured on various recordings, playing on projects such as Disney’s “Hair-jitsu”, Netflix’s “Padre No Hay Mas Que Uno”, and several Sundance Films like “Ms. Purple”, to name a few. He has also played on many albums including Ariana Savalas’s “The Menage a Tour! Live from Las Vegas” and the 2016 Grammy Nominated album, John Daversa’s “Kaleidoscope Eyes: Music of The Beatles”.

Aside from his recording work, Joe works for many live theatre and on camera productions. He has experience playing over 30 different musicals, ballets and operas, and has been seen on camera for such shows as “The Voice”, “American Idol”, “Why Women Kill” and HBO’s “Perry Mason”. Though his diverse career, he has been able to work in myriad parts of the entertainment industry, and works to share these experiences with his students.


Joe holds his Bachelor’s Degree in Percussion Performance from California State University, Northridge. His training of Classical, Jazz, Brazilian, African, and Latin percussion has allowed him to have a prolific performing career, working with a wide range of orchestras, bands, and other musical groups.

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