Concert Conductor’s Stand



Large Wood Tray- Sourced from the forests of Finland, the tray is wide enough to fit the largest of scores and can be custom stained to match an auditorium.

Double Lip Tray–Provides space for storing a baton, pencils, and other essentials.

Pro Stem– Has a thumb screw for height locking which allows heavier scores to be used.



Beech, Black, Custom

Coating & Finishes

Nylon, Polyester Powder


Steel, Wood



Trolley Available





A classic stand designed in a contemporary style; the Concert Conductor’s Stand is the most sophisticated orchestral conductor’s stand on the market.

The stands’ slender metal stem and elegantly formed natural wooden tray perfectly complement the appearance of a modern or historic concert hall. The tray is manufactured from wood sourced from the forests of Finland and can be custom stained to match the appearance of an auditorium.

The tray is wider than the standard Concert Stand’s tray which allows the conductor to use the largest of scores. The tray has a double lip which provides space for storing pencils and small instruments, and the lip is lined with foam rubber to protect instruments and eliminate noise. The extra wide tray is formed from one piece of natural birch has precision designed brackets that are aesthetically pleasing. The Concert Stands distinguishable appearance is made for performances in the world’s top performing arts venues.

The solid steel stem has a thumbscrew for height locking which allows heavier scores to be used. The inner stem features a high-quality chrome finish.

The base is manufactured from heavy-duty steel for strength and rigidity and is coated in black nylon for ultimate durability. The stand has 3-point contact with the floor and rubber feet on the base preserve the floor and prevent clatter if the stand is knocked. The conductor’s stand can be stored with other Concert Stand styles and their bases nest for compact storage. The Concert Stand Trolley ((59Q2) is available to make transporting stands between halls easy. *Sold Separately.

The standard Concert Conductor’s Stand has a beech wood tray. For custom stained options please contact us for more information.



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