Duo LED Light with IDS



Daisy Chained – The IDS box allows multiple Duo IDS Lights to be powered and dimmed at the same time.

Large Set Ups– Power and dim up to 15 lights per daisy chain, from a mains dimmer.

One Unit- The Light and IDS Box are supplied as one unit.

Light Fixture

Clip, Opera

Colour Temperature




Power Option

Mains Powered


IEC Connection

Lights Per Daisychain





The Duo IDS Light is a professional quality lamp that can be daisy chained to allow multiple lights to be powered and controlled at the same time. A maximum of 15 Duo IDS Lights can be connected per daisy chain and dimmed from a mains dimmer. IEC to IEC and IEC to mains cables are required and sold separately.

State-of-the-art mains voltage LEDs provide very bright and even illumination across the score. With a colour temperature of 4000K, the LEDs provide light that is relaxing for the professional musician yet makes scores easy to read. Precision light guides ensure excellent cut-off of the light, resulting in minimal light spillage. Very slim housing ensures the lamp does not obstruct the musician’s view of the conductor.

There are 2 versions of the Duo IDS Light available: one with a powerful spring clip, and one designed specifically to fit the RATstands Opera Stand.

The clip-on light version has a strong and flexible gooseneck which enables the musician to find their ideal position for the light and it will remain where it is set. This light is fitted with a powerful spring clip which will fit to almost any make of music stand.

The IDS box can be fitted to almost any type of music stand stem by it’s simple clip.

Please note the light and IDS box are supplied as one unit which means that the IDS box cannot be removed and replaced with a mains plug.


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