Grand Opera Conductor’s Stand



Electronic Height Adjustment- Allows the conductor full control at their fingertips and up to 6 heights can be stored in memory.

Additional Lights- Provide an even and very bright illumination of the score.

Adjustable Tray Width– To ensure the stand is wide enough for a full score.


Black, White

Coating & Finishes

Polyester Powder






This illuminated Conductor’s Stand is designed for semi-permanent installation in the orchestra pit of large opera houses. Electric height adjustment puts full control at the conductor’s fingertips. A digital display shows the current height and up to 6 heights can be stored in memory.

The tray width is adjustable for the largest scores. The tray has a rubber lined shelf for pencils and batons, as well as an articulated accessory tray for personal items. A second shelf is located under the main tray for the storage of scores. The base has wheels and adjustable feet to facilitate moving.

The Conductor’s stand features 1 double width LED light and 2 standard width LED lights which cover 3 sides of the tray and provide an even and very bright illumination of the score. The lights slim housing gives the musicians an uninterrupted view of the conductor. Strong and flexible goosenecks allow the light’s height, reach and angle can be adjusted individually and remain in the position the conductor sets them.

The Conductor’s Stand uses Trio 4 LED Lights which are the most advanced musician’s lights on the market. The colour temperature of the LEDs can be varied between 2700K and 4000K. Both the temperature and intensity can be controlled by the Conductor by thumb wheels on the lamps, or directly from the lighting desk via powerline or radio DMX.


84Q4 Grand Opera Conductor’s Stand Specification 2024-04

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