Jazz Edge Mounted Stand



Unique attachment allows any RATstands Jazz Stand, Jazz Pro Stand, Microphone Stand, or Tablet Stand to be mounted to the platform.

Telescopic height adjustment uses friction locks to secure in place.

A maximum of 2.5kg can be applied to the stand.



Coating & Finishes

Anodised, Epoxy




SpeedDeck Light


Allows you to mount a RATstands Music Stand, Microphone Stand, or Tablet Stand to the edge of the SpeedDeck Light platform.

The stand is ideal for events with reduced space as there is no base on the floor or platform. This also eliminates any trip hazards in public spaces.

Using a simple clamp, the stand can be mounted anywhere along the platforms edge. The stand is clamped securely in two places using a lever system.

The telescopic stem is height adjustable which allows it to be used for a variety of applications. The stem uses friction locks to secure it at the height it is set. The stand can be set low enough to be used with a microphone boom arm for a DJ desk, and high enough for a vocalist to use as a microphone stand.

The stand is manufactured in aluminium for strength without excess weight and has a black anti-scratch epoxy coating.

The Universal Edge Mounted Stand can be used at the same time as the Jazz Edge Mounted Stand when multiple accessories are needed.

Compatible with the RATstands Jazz Stand (69Q13), Jazz Stand Pro (69Q14), FM Mic Stand (55Q3), Microphone Boom Stand (55Q2), and Z3 Pro Tablet Stand (201Q34B).


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