Performer 3 Music Stand Tray



Music Stand Tray Section Only.

Interchangeable- Easily fit this to an existing Performer3 stand’s stem and base and switch between using as a music stand or an iPad/tablet stand or acoustic protection screen.

Virtually Unbreakable- Unlike metal music stands; the tray is made of a polymer which does not ‘ring’ when knocked.








Purchase the tray section on its own to fit to an existing Performer 3 Stand stem and base, or to interchange with the Performer 3 Universal Tablet Stand and/or Performer 3 Acoustic Screen.

The Performer 3 Music Stand is the preferred stand of choice for schools, bands, and orchestras all over the world. Unlike metal music stands the Performer 3 tray is made from a polymer which does not ‘ring’ when knocked and will not bend or dent. The injection moulded tray is extremely strong, rigid, and long-lasting.

An optional additional lip is available (90Q3) to add to the tray to hold pencils and small instruments. (*Sold Separately).

The Performer 3 Stand offers more versatility than any other music stands on the market, as it offers users the ability to switch between using a music stand, universal tablet stand, and acoustic protection screen. The music desk can be removed from the stand and replaced with a tablet holder or acoustic Perspex screen in seconds. The stand is a smart investment to keep up with the demand for using modern digital scores. (*Tablet Holder and Acoustic Screen Sold Separately).


90Q2 Performer 3 Stand Specification 2023-08

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