Performer3 Acoustic Screen



Protection Screen- The screen acts to block sound waves from transmitting between musicians.

Separation Screen- The shield also offers direct protection between musicians by separating the space that they play in.

Interchangeable- The Acoustic Screen can be easily interchanged with a Performer 3 Music Stand Tray.


Coating & Finishes

Polyester Powder


PETG, Steel

Trolley Available


Box Quantity

1up, 6up




The Performer 3 Acoustic Screen is designed to be both a protection and separation screen for use in performing arts venues, concert halls, orchestra pits, theatres, recording studios, rehearsal rooms, and educational settings.

The screen acts as an acoustic deflector by blocking sound waves from transmitting between musicians. The shield also offers direct protection between musicians by separating the space that they play in.

The screen is manufactured from a 2mm thick transparent PETG screen which does not obstruct the musician’s view. (*As pictured, the screen features a black RATstands logo and website address).

The shield can be easily removed from the stand for storage. Alternatively, the stand can be repurposed as a Performer3 Music Stand by simply attaching a music stand tray in replacement of the Perspex screen. The stand uses a simple lever on the back of the tray to attach the different heads.

Fully adjustable friction locks keep the stand at the desired angle and height and there are no thumb screws or levers to adjust.

The screens stem and base are manufactured from strong steel for stability and have a black anti-scratch powder coat for maximum durability.

Rubber feet ensure 3-point contact on uneven surfaces, whilst protecting the floor and preventing clatter if the screens are knocked into. The design of the base allows the screens to be placed close to the musician and under chairs.

The screens bases can nest together tightly for compact storage. The Performer 3 Storage Trolley is available for storing or transporting the screens. (*Sold Separately).


91Q19-1 Performer3 Acoustic Screen Specification Sheet 2023-08

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