2x3m SpeedDeck Package



Completed SpeedDeck Package Available for Fast Delivery.

Coating & Finishes



Aluminium, Plywood




2x3m Package Includes:

x3 – 2x1m SpeedDeck Platform Black Hexaboard Finish

x1 – SpeedLock Key for SpeedDeck

x12 – SpeedDeck Legs *selected standard heights available.

x1 – 2m SpeedDeck Handrail *Optional

x1(LH) x1(RH) – SpeedDeck Edge Handrail Socket *Optional

X1 – SpeedLock Key for Handrails *Optional


This SpeedDeck package is ideal for when a small configuration of staging is required for either a temporary or permanent installation. The system is designed to be set up and dismantled in seconds by a small team or by an individual.

Different stage height options, allow for the staging to be used for a variety of applications, and is suitable for use in a school, university, hotel, recording studio, tradeshow/exhibition, and performing arts venue.

The SpeedDeck system is designed to be easily set up and dismantled in seconds. The portable platforms are easy to manoeuvre and operate, which rapidly reduces the time spent on setting up, dismantling, or altering the set up. SpeedDeck is a trusted, reliable, and safe staging system which would be ideal for events companies, theatres, hire companies, business conferences, tradeshows, or educational institutions.

The platforms are manufactured from strong aluminium extrusions and heavy-duty plywood top. They have been designed to have incredible strength whilst being lightweight and easy to transport. They feature a black non-slip Hexaboard finish which is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

The system uses unique SpeedLocks which allow the platforms to be locked together by simply turning the SpeedLock Key. The locks level the platforms and pull them together in one continuous movement, which allows for easy alignment. The status of the SpeedLocks is visible from above the stage and allows for instant verification that the platforms are locked together safely.

Optional leg heights are available in the standard sizes of 300mm, 600mm, and 900mm. Integrated leg sockets allow platform legs to be rigidly locked into position by a flick of the integral quick action lever.

An optional 2m handrail and handrail sockets can be added to the 2x3m package for when the safety of a back guard rail is required. Handrail sockets use a simple clamp system which securely fixes them to the edge of the platform in seconds. The handrails are then locked into place using the SpeedLock Key for Handrails.

The modular element of the SpeedDeck System allows for this package to be set up in multiple configurations depending on the user’s requirements.

Additional steps, handrails, skirt, and ramps are available. Contact us for more information.

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