Acoustic Baffle For Chair



Transparent Shield- Designed to deflect sound waves away from the immediate player in front.

Strong Metal Frame- The screen can be connected to the chair easily using thumbscrews to tighten it to the frame.

Space Saving- The screen can be fixed to the back of the musicians chair to save floor space.


Alternative Musicians Chair, RATstands Opera Chair



Coating & Finishes



PETG, Steel




The Acoustic Screen is designed to deflect sound waves away from the player immediately in front of it, while providing maximum visibility for the player behind. The screen is made from strong PET that is shaped for acoustic purposes.

There are two fitment options for the baffle: one to fit chairs in the RATstands Opera Chair Range, and one to fit an alternative musicians chair (only compatible with the Wenger Musicians Chair.)

The screen can be easily connected to the chair and uses thumbscrews to tighten it to the frame. Two flexible goosenecks allow the musician to adjust the position of the screen to their preference and it will remain where it is set.

A cloth cover is available to protect the transparent baffle when it is not in use. *Sold separately.

Product Information

65Q4 Acoustic Screen for Opera Chair Specification 2023-10

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