Acoustic Screen



Protection Shield- Designed and shaped for sound protection by deflecting sound waves away from the immediate player in front.

Fully Transparent- The transparent shield offers maximum visibility for the musicians behind. The hand finished brackets are visually pleasing.

High Quality- The stands stem and base are manufactured in top-quality steel, with a black anti-scratch powder coating for maximum durability and a sleek finish.

Despatched in 6 Weeks



Coating & Finishes

Polyester Powder


PETG, Steel




The Acoustic Screen is designed for sound protection within an orchestra pit, recording studio, concert hall, theatre, and rehearsal room.

The screen is manufactured from strong and lightweight PET and is shaped for acoustic purposes to deflect sound waves away from the player immediately in front of it. The screens shape is designed to angle around the musician in front. It is fully transparent which provides maximum visibility for the player behind. The brackets on the back of the shield are hand finished and are visually pleasing.

The shield is fully adjustable and friction locks keep the screen at the desired angle and height it is set, without the need to adjust any thumbscrews or levers.

The heavy-gauge steel stem is extremely strong and rigid. The solid steel base gives added stability to the screen without adding excess weight. The stands stem and base have a black anti-scratch powder coating for maximum durability and a sleek finish.

Rubber feet ensure 3-point contact on uneven surfaces, whilst protecting the floor and preventing clatter if the screens are knocked into. The design of the base allows the screens to be placed close to the musician and under chairs. The screens bases can nest together tightly for compact storage.

A cloth cover is available to protect the transparent baffle when it is not in use. *Sold separately.

Product Information

The Acoustic Screen Specification, 2016-10

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