Microphone Boom Stand and Gig Bag Bundle



Traveling Musicians- Lightweight, portable, and compact microphone boom stand that’s ideal for transporting between gigs.

Folds Completely Flat- The stand can be folded flat to a small footprint in less than 10 seconds.

Bundle and Save- Save money by purchasing the Microphone Boom Stand and Mic Stand Bag as a set.


Despatched in 2 Weeks





Coating & Finishes

Anodised, Polyester Powder






The set includes the Microphone Boom Stand (55Q2) and Microphone Stand Bag (55Q20). Purchase as a bundle at a discounted price. Products are also available to purchase separately.

Microphone Boom Stand

The Microphone Boom Stand has a clean and modern design and is unlike any other mic stand on the market. The vertical stem has a significant range of height (513mm-1849mm) which makes it easy to capture sound from vocals or instruments. Fully adjustable friction locks automatically hold the stem at the desired height with no thumb screws or levers to adjust. The stand can be folded completely flat with ease, and without needing to be dismantled. The boom arm’s length, tilt and swivel can all be adjusted. This mic stand is great for situations where space is limited and is perfect for recording in studios or acoustic performances.

Please note: due to the design of our stands with telescopic stems, the two small grub screws at the top of the stem, may become loose over time from using the tray or head section to pull the stem up. Therefore, these stands may occasionally need some minimal maintenance by using a 2.5mm Allen key to tighten the screws.

Microphone Stand Bag

The carry case is tailor made to securely transport the RATstands Microphone Stand and Mic Boom Stand. Dense padding ensures the stand is safe and protected from any cosmetic damage whilst travelling between rehearsals and shows.

A separate zip compartment on the front of the bag can hold sheet music and other musician’s essentials. The bag has a strong zip that can be opened around 3 sides. The adjustable shoulder strap can be set between 780mm-1175mm to suit all musicians. The strap can be detached and has a shoulder pad for comfort. There is also a padded handle as an alternative way to carry the bag.

Product Information

55Q2 Microphone Boom Stand Specification 2024-03

55Q20 Microphone & Boom Stand Bag Specification 2023-04

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