Opera Chair



Ergonomically Designed- Orchestra chair designed for superior comfort and flexibility.

Adaptable chair for the whole orchestra- Seat and height adjustment options are available to accommodate each musician’s unique sitting position.

Vertical Stacking- The chairs have a vertical stacking pitch which makes them easier to store than other musician’s chairs.


Adjustable Seat and Legs, Adjustable Seat Angle, Non Adjustable

Adjustment Type



Black, Charcoal, Custom

Coating & Finishes

Polyester Powder


Plywood, Steel




Our Opera Chair offer a professional quality musician chair which meets the functional and comfort needs of a whole orchestra. Ideal for concerts, recitals, schools, and orchestras; The Opera Chair’s versatility makes purchasing chairs hassle free, as the chair can be adapted to suit every musician’s requirement.

The Opera Chair is available in 3 styles – non-adjustable, seat adjustable, and seat and leg adjustable.

All three chairs have been expertly designed to offer enhanced support and comfort, specifically for musicians. The chair’s narrow back provides support where it is needed without hindering the musician’s arms, shoulders, and rib cage. The seat and back profiles are designed to provide the optimum seating position for musicians. The back also provides support in the upper lumbar region which encourages an upright posture, whilst the horizontal seat with downturned front edges enables the musician to keep their feet flat on the floor for improved blood circulation. High quality foam provides firm but comfortable support for hours on end.

Adjustable versions of the Opera Chair enable the chair’s leg height and seat angle to be adjusted independently. The Chairs have been designed to meet the needs and sitting positions of all different instrumental musicians, such as a cellist, pianist, harpist. Adjustable legs also enable the chair to stand level on uneven flooring and even raked stages.

The elegant and classic appearance of the Opera Chair makes it ideal for use in any venue, from opera houses to recording studios. The top-grade steel frame is coated with a black anti-scratch powder coat for maximum durability and a sleek finish. The seat and backrest are manufactured from firm foam and upholstered with high quality, breathable, and flame-retardant fabric. Our standard charcoal fabric is sophisticated and minimal, and we offer a range of upholstery colours are available for a custom look.

Unlike other orchestra chairs, the Opera Chairs can be vertically stacked for compact storage. The Opera Chair Trolley (301Q80) and Dolly (301Q81) are available to purchase separately for options to store and transport the chairs. The chairs can easily be manoeuvred by a single person, and chairs with adjustable and non-adjustable legs can be mixed in the same stack.

All the chairs in the RATstands Professional Range are designed, manufactured, and hand finished in the UK. They are the preferred choice for orchestras, schools, recording studios and musicians all over the world and are built to last for many years.

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