SpeedDeck Staging 2m x 1m Platform



Unique SpeedLock System allows the platforms to be connected from above the stage.

Ideal for small to large configurations as semi-permanent or permanent installations.

Designed to be set up and dismantled in seconds by a small team or by an individual.

Furnish Option

Black Hexaboard, Charcoal Carpet


Aluminium, Plywood




The Staging Platforms are part of the SpeedDeck modular staging system for small to large staging configurations, which are ideal for both permanent and semi-permanent installations. The SpeedDeck system is designed to be easily set up and dismantled in seconds. The portable platforms are easy to manoeuvre and operate, which rapidly reduces the time spent on setting up, dismantling, or altering the set up. SpeedDeck is a trusted, reliable, and safe staging system that is ideal for a variety of applications both indoors and outdoors.

SpeedDeck Platform Features:

SpeedLocks– The platforms unique SpeedLock system allow the platforms to be locked together by simply turning the SpeedLock Key. The locks level the platforms and pull them together in one continuous movement, which allows for easy alignment. The status of the SpeedLocks is visible from above the stage and allows for instant verification that the platforms are locked together safely. Unlike other systems, SpeedDeck platforms can be connected set off from each other.

Strong Platforms– The high-quality aluminium frame and diecast corners give the SpeedDeck platforms incredible strength whilst being lightweight and easy to transport.

Corner Joints– The platforms have corner joints which are strong, rounded and user friendly, which will not damage other things or cause injury to people.

Leg Sockets– Integrated leg sockets allow platform legs to be rigidly locked into position by a flick of the integral quick action lever.

Platform legs, handrails, steps, ramps, and storage options are available to accommodate your project requirements.

SpeedDeck platforms are available in 4 standard sizes: 1m x 1m, 2m x 1m, 4ft x 4ft, and 8ft x 4ft.

Two standard furnishings are available: Black Non-Slip Hexaboard and Charcoal Carpet.

Custom platform sizes and furnishes are available – contact us for more information.


140Q01-02 SpeedDeck Specification 2023-10

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