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The Scherzo Stand


The Scherzo Stand is a high quality, superlightweight folding music stand. Being made of aluminium it weighs little more than half as much as other folding music stands of this type. This entry level stand still boasts the quality of design and manufacturing that RATstands demands.
High quality joints make it a pleasure to fold and unfold and it has a precise and positive locking button for adjusting the angle of the tray.
This stand comes complete with a nylon carrying bag.


Product Description

A high quality, super-lightweight folding music stand with the stem and tray made from aluminium. Plastic feet on base provides 3-point contact with the floor. Positive locking button for adjusting the angle of the tray.

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Structural parts: Aluminium
Feet: Plastic
Tray: Aluminium
Coating: Black powder coat


Tray width: 463mm
Tray height: 293mm
Depth of tray lip: 34mm
Lowest height to bottom of score: 480mm
Tallest height to bottom of score: 1175mm
Weight of stand without lamp: 0.7kg