RATstands attend the League of American Orchestras

RATstands attend the League of American Orchestras 2019, Nashville, to Launch of the World’s 1st digital musicians chair


The RATstands team has touched back down on home turf after attending the League of American Orchestras 2019 in Nashville, Tennessee, where they launched the Grand Opera Chair – the world’s 1st digital musicians chair.

The launch of the Grand Opera Chair, made specifically for the Orchestra, was a huge hit with both operation managers and orchestral musicians alike, and the world-renowned event also gave the RATstands team the opportunity to mingle with orchestra members and managers from all corners of the world.

Glenn Chapman, Managing Director at RATstands said: “I could not believe the response we got on the Grand Opera Chair! You are always slightly apprehensive when launching a product that has never been done before into the market.

“I was worried that musicians might think it was a bit to space age for a musicians chair, the response was quite the opposite, ‘a musician’s chair that I can adjust whilst seated and find my position every time is brilliant’ was the view of players from the Nashville symphony.”

The Trio4, a leading lighting product which is already loved by musicians around the world also made its debut to the public for the first time as part of its pre launch .

Glenn added: “Launching the Trio4 for the first time was also exciting. I know that both musicians and orchestra personnel are very much looking forward to seeing the products in their halls soon.”

During the visit, the team also found the time to meet their customers at Nashville symphony who were preparing for the CMA (country music Awards) and they also found time to visit Clair Bros Audio.

However, a particular highlight was when the team watched Liam Patrick Cromby, a RATstands, Artist perform at the conference.

RATstands is already looking forward to next year’s show in Minneapolis 2020.