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RATstands Tempo

RATstands Tempo

Introducing RATstands brand new range; RATstands Tempo provides strength and durability at an affordable price.

Whether you are just learning to play a new instrument, in a school choir or belong to a small orchestra the Tempo range is perfect to accompany you.


Play your music, with Tempo!


Tempo products

The Z3 Pro Tablet Stand

The Z3 Pro Tablet Stand is a perfect companion for your iPad Pro. It’s lightweight and can be transported easily for those who are on the go.

The Jazz Stand

A professional quality music stand with a full range of height adjustment, industry standard stability and a full size music tray. It folds flat in three easy moves making this the ultimate travelling stand for individual musicians and groups.

The Gig Bag

A fantastic accessory for the Jazz Stand, the Gig bag is made from extremely hard-wearing fabric and has enough room inside for a Jazz stand and your music scores along with an adjustable shoulder strap for added comfort when traveling

The Alto Stand

What every school needs: an unbreakable stand, which nests for compact storage, which has no knobs to fiddle with or get lost, and has a range of height adjustment to suit a child cellist as well as a singer standing on a riser.

The Performer 3

YES it needs to be an unbreakable stand, YES it needs to stack well and YES you need to be able to attach an extra lip to the tray to create a pencil tray, but, what the performer3 does that makes it the new leader in the market is: you can now adjust the stem friction to suit your preference. If you are feeling the tension… loosen it!

The Scherzo Stand

High quality, super-lightweight folding music stand. This entry level stand still boasts the quality of design and manufacturing that RATstands demands.

Apollo Light

The Apollo Light is an entry level lamp manufactured to a professional standard. This rugged light is constructed entirely of metal and runs off a 24V supply.

Star Light

The Star Light is a low cost alternative to RATstands professional range of lights. The low weight and compact size make this an ideal travelling companion for the musician on the move.

Can I say that RATstands rule!

If you’re in the market for a great music stand please check out this company!

Lightweight, sturdy and has a place for your pencils!

– Beverly Brossman


The jazz stand and Apollo light are amazing, Easy to travel with, quality on stage.

-Liam Cromby


The Jazz Stand is sturdy and the improvements on the tray make it indestructible. It easily folds up and is lightweight. The two settings on the Starlight too is lightweight and sits securely at the top of the stand. It’s the only stand I want to use.

-Tom Lagana


Wow! I asked for unbreakable, solid music stands for our school orchestra, having played for 30 years using stands that constantly trap fingers, collapse, fall down, poke children and lose screws it was fantastic to finally use a stand that has room for all the music, a flat back so that you can write on the music without poking through holes, really light-weight and a great centre of gravity even when knocked it just wobbles back to centre and they all stack away into such a small footprint so it is ideal for storage for any size orchestra. I would recommend this music stand to every musician, whether young or old, professional or amateur, in a band or orchestra, gigging at weddings or jazz clubs.

-Katie Fenner from St Dominic School