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The Opera Stand

Originally designed specifically for orchestra pits, this stand is now the ultimate choice wherever an integral light is required. It is stackable, has an acoustically neutral tray, and is the best lit music stand on the market.

The Grand Opera Stand

A larger version of the Opera Stand, with a wider tray, heavier base, and greater range of height adjustment.

The Concert Stand

A classic stand designed in contemporary style using a combination of slender metal parts and an elegantly formed natural birch wood tray. Trays can be stained to match the appearance of any concert hall. This stand is perfect for professional musicians, on stage in the world’s top performing arts venues.

The Jazz Stand

A professional quality music stand with a full range of height adjustment, industry standard stability and a full size music tray. It folds flat in three easy moves making this the ultimate travelling stand for individual musicians and groups.

The Gig Bag

A fantastic accessory for the Jazz Stand, the Gig bag is made from extremely hard-wearing fabric and has enough room inside for a Jazz stand and your music scores along with an adjustable shoulder strap for added comfort when traveling

The Alto Stand

What every school needs: an unbreakable stand, which nests for compact storage, which has no knobs to fiddle with or get lost, and has a range of height adjustment to suit a child cellist as well as a singer standing on a riser.

The Performer 3

YES it needs to be an unbreakable stand, YES it needs to stack well and YES you need to be able to attach an extra lip to the tray to create a pencil tray, but, what the performer3 does that makes it the new leader in the market is: you can now adjust the stem friction to suit your preference. If you are feeling the tension… loosen it!

The Scherzo Stand

High quality, super-lightweight folding music stand. This entry level stand still boasts the quality of design and manufacturing that RATstands demands.

The Acoustic Screen

The Acoustic Screen is designed to deflect sound waves away from the player immediately in front of it, while providing maximum visibility for the player behind.