The BioScreen Sneeze Screens: Supporting Musicians, Singers and Orchestras in returning back to what they love!

With Covid 19 closing theatres, and moving live shows to live streams- musicians, worldwide, are desperate to get back to doing what they love. The responsibility of maintain a safe environment now falling into our own hands, it is time we made a change to adjust to the “new normal” way of life we now find ourselves in.

Guidelines suggest social distancing should be a priority when it comes to mixing with people you do not live with, and Sneeze screens have become an essential for many businesses and industries to be able to return to work.

Our Goal with the Rshield range of cough guards is to make this process a lot less intimidating. Our products have been carefully developed with minimalist frames and are made from high quality/ easy to clean materials. The intention of the BioScreen design is to maintain the same level of communication and visibility needed in such work/social spaces. Yet at the same time leave you reassured that you are taking all the precautions to keep yourself and the others around you safe.

The protection screens can be a great way to ensure social distancing during rehearsals and shows, as they can act as dividers when 2m cannot be achieved.

See our BioScreens in Action at St. Luke’s London:

“The Rshields are great to allow for social distancing and to enable us to safely play with other musicians on stage. It’s very easy to set up and adjustable to any height. Halo Strings recently used the Rshields for a recording session and we felt safe and confident. The BioScreens gave us enough space to play and communicate with our fellow musicians.” Lidia Cellist

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