The Official Music Stands of MusicFest Canada

RATstands are the new Official Music Stands of Musicfest Canada! We are honoured to have a big part in such a prestigious event.

This influential festival takes place throughout the year and across Canada, with a much-anticipated finale that occurs in a different venue each year. Musicfest Canada strives to support young musicians and people in the performing arts, in a fun-filled and unique environment. With our partnership, now hundreds of music students and professional musicians will be performing and sharing their musical achievements and creativity with the support of our music stands.

Musicfest Canada plays a vital role in nurturing the talents of Canada’s young musicians as well as allowing music professionals to learn from each other. Our music stands and various other RATstands products are designed to encourage and assist students in their education, as well as to be reliable for the professionals that these students become.

All the music stands we make are created with a specific musician in mind. Whether it be the Jazz stand, a portable music stand, perfect for travelling artists. Or the Concert stand, designed for symphony orchestra’s and used worldwide for on-stage performances that require exquisite visuals. To the Performer 3 stand, a virtually unbreakable music stand that can provide schools with professional standard products but at affordable prices.

RATstands are inspired by the musicians that are a part of Musicfest Canada and are delighted that our music stands are beneficial to the sustaining of musical education across the globe.

The RATstands team are excited to see our 500 stands in action at Musicfest Canada 2020!