The Rshield BioScreen : Quick to fix but here to stay!

Post pandemic life is a concern for many people across the world right now. The Rshield BioScreen is designed to not only help you return to school and work safely now, but to continue to keep you safe even after Covid 19.

Our easy to install protective screens are great for when social distancing cannot be achieved. The Shields are designed to assist in reducing the exposer of potential infection between pupils and teachers. There is no need for any bolts or screws! The BioScreen can be put together in minutes and adjusted to fit any room layout or room change.

Whilst the BioScreen is quick to assemble it has been carefully developed to assist with the long-term bio protection within schools. The Rshield range of sneeze screens are here to help safeguard pupils and teachers not only during this pandemic but for future situations too.

All of our BioScreens are portable so they can be freely moved between classrooms or dining halls as they are required. The height adjustable stem allows the protective screen to fit to any space or desk size, meaning they can be moved between classes and adjusted to suit any age range of students, even teachers too!

Unlike other designs, our cough guards can be linked together at any angle using a small but secure adjustable clip. This gives you the ability to create walkways and safe spaces for your school’s social bubbles without any restrictions.

Not only does the Rshield support the long-term protection in schools, we also consider the environmental impact of sneeze screens. The tragedy of the amount of single use plastic that will be thrown away is unthinkable! All our protection screens are made from easy to clean materials and are stackable for compact storage, meaning they can be neatly stored and kept for years to come!

Wider Image