The Rshield, R you ready?

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BioScreen’s, helping to prevent the spread of bacteria!

RATstands are no stranger to protective screens, we have been designing and supplying sound protection screens, ‘The Acoustic Screen’, for over 25 years. Selling to performing arts venues such as the Sydney Opera House and Abbey Road Studios, to the education services and the military. We have used our knowledge to diversify our range of products to support all types of industries and businesses in returning to work safely.

The new Rshield range is designed to help prevent the spread of the Corona Virus and future inevitable pandemics. Developed from our sound protection screen, the BioScreen is a shield to assist in stopping the spread of bacteria between people in work or social spaces. The barrier will encourage social distancing and block airborne particles.

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Unlike other designs (cough screen/ sneeze screen), the BioScreen has been carefully developed to be a fitting addition for safety in any situation. There are two materials to choose from:

Clear acrylic protective screen for 100% visibility and communication.

Poly-carbonate twin wall screen for if you would prefer a bit more privacy.

RATstands intention for the Rshield range is to not make protection intimidating or intrusive. The BioScreen is available in 3 sizes, designed to allow space around you, without making you feel closed in. The versatility of the safety screen means this is a great addition for all spaces such as offices, restaurants, shops and schools.

Our virus screens are designed and made in the UK, in our London and Essex based facilities. 10% of the profits made from the Rshield range will be donated to the NHS Charities Together (registered no 1186569).’

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