What To Look For In A Music Stand

The idea behind a music stand is fairly simple and its purpose isn’t all that complex at all. It holds your music so you can keep up with other performers and give the audience a memorable performance. Although a music stand seems like a very rudimentary piece of equipment to buy, it is also one of the most important pieces of musical gear that you can own and careful consideration should be taken when purchasing a new music stand.

 With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some factors to consider when purchasing a music stand:

Mobility- as a performing musician, you will need to take your music stand with you to gigs, performances, practices, and anywhere else you plan to play. The music stand you choose should be easy to travel with, it should disassemble quickly, and be reassembled easily. When it comes to high quality music stands, portability is a must.

Stability- there is nothing worse than a low quality music stand that wobbles or falls over easily during a performance. When purchasing a new music stand, choose one that provides the stability you need while still being lightweight and easy to move.

Flexibility- flexibility or being able to custom tailor your music stand to your needs is important. It should be able to tilt towards you, upward, and downward so you can have a better view. Some stages are smaller than others and you might find yourself cramped for space which is where a flexible music stand will shine.

Durability- of all of the gear a performing musician owns, their music stand takes the most abuse. A low quality music stand can be easily seen by its array of marks, dings, and other damage that will show up under concert hall lights. Choose a durable music stand that will look good and be able to withstand the small bumps and bashes that typically come along with transporting your equipment.

Width- a good music stand should be wide enough to hold your music and make turning the pages effortless. You don’t want to flip a page during a performance and have your music sheet fall to the floor.

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