Why is the Performer 3 music stand perfect for schools?

The Performer 3 stand is the ultimate music stand to make learning and performing easier. Using the world’s first adjustable stem friction locks- the tray will automatically hold at whatever angle you need.  With no knobs to interfere with or lose, this music stand will remain set at the height you position it, making it disturbance free in the classroom.

The rubber feet not only protect the floor but are sturdy to prevent additional noise if the stand is knocked into. The bases are made to slot into each other creating a compact storage solution for any unpredicted classroom changes. In addition to this there are storage trolleys available which hold up to 18 stands, making them easy to move between rooms.

The heavy-gauge steel stem and base made from a tubular steel provides reliability for learning musicians, and peace of mind for performances. An extremely tough and scratch resistant epoxy coating makes this stand enormously durable. This feature also guarantees to maintain a high-end look, whilst still being an affordable music stand. This virtually unbreakable music stand has a sleek all black look with a hint of tempo green designed to take musicians from beginners to professionals.


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