Why Should You Consider Having Protective Screens At Your Event?

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Image credits: Notting Hill Carnival, Abbey Road Studios, Peter Summers.

With more people getting vaccinated worldwide, event professionals are looking ahead to planning more in-person events. Although the number of events is bound to rise, they may not look the same as before the coronavirus pandemic. For one, safety will still be the top priority. Wearing masks, having hand-sanitizing stations, and socially distanced seating will continue to be the norm at in-person events. For taking safety a notch higher, event organizers should also consider having protective screens at the events.

Here’s how protective screens can be beneficial at your event:

They allow flexibility and agile working

Protective screens such as the Bioscreens from RATstands give you full control over where you want to place them. They are classed as loose furniture and can be easily positioned wherever they are required. For instance, you could install full length screens between seats, depending on your seating arrangements. The screens can be repurposed not only as protective screens but also as room dividers, as to create a private space for attendees or to create walk ways.

They keep your attendees protected

The pandemic may have slowed down, but it has not gone away. Social distancing and maintaining hygiene should still be a priority to keep yourself and others protected. Protective screens add an additional layer of protection for your attendees at an event since they act as a physical barrier and help to prevent germs from spreading. The screens also encourage social distancing.

They do not hamper the view

RATstands offer transparent protective screens which do not obstruct the view during an event. Made of clear plastic, these bioscreens ensure complete visibility, allowing event attendees to see, interact, and engage with each other. Since these screens are transparent, they also give the feeling of an open space, while keeping everyone protected.

They can be easily moved

Protective screens, such as the Bioscreens from RATstands can be easily moved from one place to another. They are designed in a way to make transportation as well as mounting and demounting easy. Since they are made of unbreakable clear plastic, it is easy to store them after the event is over.

They are easy to clean

Hygiene has always been crucial at an event. However, with the world still battling with Coronavirus, it has become even more important. Protective screens are usually made of plastic, acrylic, or glass, making them easy to be cleaned.

Why use Bioscreens from RATstands?

Bioscreens from RATstands are available in several different sizes and heights. Whatever be your event, you will surely find something that suits your needs. These screens are made of unbreakable plastic panels making them easy to be transported, moved, and stored. They are also incredibly easy to clean, helping you maintain high levels of hygiene at your venue.

You could also buy the Rshield Bioscreen Trolley that makes moving Bioscreens fast and easy. It is also an excellent storage option since it can hold upto 12 Bioscreens of any size for your future events. Visit RATstands today to check out their range of Bioscreens.